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Subject index: Inflammation - Information scientists

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Inflammation [H]
MT 2.85 Pathology
BT1 Diseases [U] Linked terms
BT2 Pathology [UH] Linked terms
Influenza [H]
MT 2.85 Pathology
BT1 Diseases [U] Linked terms
BT2 Pathology [UH] Linked terms
Informal education [U]
MT 1.30 Educational systems and levels
SN The process of learning which goes on continuously and incidentally for each individual, outside the organized situation of formal or nonformal education. Do not confuse with "nonformal education".
BT1 Lifelong education [U] Linked terms
BT2 Nonformal education [U] Linked terms
RT Adult education [U] Linked terms
Informal learning [U] USE Informal education
Informatics [U] USE Computer science
Information analysis [U] USE Documentary analysis
Information barriers [U] USE Access to information
Information bearing materials [U] USE Documents
Information dissemination [U]
MT 5.35 Documentary information processing
SN The supply of information or records from a storage point to persons or organizations.
NT1 Book distribution [U] Linked terms
RT Dissemination of culture [U] Linked terms
RT Information processing [U] Linked terms
RT Information transfer [U] Linked terms
RT Public information [U] Linked terms
RT Scientific information [U] Linked terms
Information flow [U] USE Information transfer
Information handling [U] USE Information processing
Information/library coordination [U] USE Information/library cooperation
Information/library operations [U] USE Information processing
Information materials [U] USE Documents
Information officers [U] USE Information scientists
Information processing [U]
MT 5.35 Documentary information processing
SN The storage and processing of items of information especially by computer.
NT1 Cataloguing [U] Linked terms
NT2 Bibliographic control [U] Linked terms
NT1 Documentary analysis [U] Linked terms
NT2 Indexing [U] Linked terms
RT Acquisitions [U] Linked terms
RT Data processing [U] Linked terms
RT Documentation [U] Linked terms
RT Information dissemination [U] Linked terms
RT Information systems [U] Linked terms
Information science profession [U] USE Information/library profession
Information science training [U] USE Information science education
Information scientists [U]
MT 5.20 Information industry
SN A person who works on the theory or application of informatics or information science, i.e. analyses, designs, implements etc. information systems.
BT1 Information/library personnel [U] Linked terms
NT1 Cartographers [A] Linked terms
RT Archive personnel [U] Linked terms
RT Information science education [U] Linked terms

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